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Black Desert online DDOS attack victims

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Daum game continues to try to control a series of Black Desert online losses under poor implementation of updates and patches, but these efforts suffered a further setback today, as it announced the deal with authentication server login process for the game has been DDOS attacks.

The information from the community manager Jouska players who posted yesterday from landing problems since suffering DDOS attacks. Now there are still many problems to continue to report that they can not log on.

Greetings adventurer,
You may encounter some difficulties, but the moment to record NA area, which is due to DDoS attacks on our authentication server. Our technical team is working hard to address this issue, and the authentication server is still online, but we need some time to rectify the matter.

Apologize in advance for any inconvenience.
CM_Jouska Community Manager

Gameloft’s “Chaos and Order” click on Facebook

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Gameloft has released a video podcast on their YouTube channel for a long period of time, it can be a bit hit or miss of interesting tidbits about the amount nestled inside. The latest episode, which hit a few days ago, including E3 and they give some games. Some have been released, they are in some other have our hands. Given all this, the final podcast in the most interesting part is a Facebook game of all things, this should be a little more familiar with some of your (correct part queued for your viewing pleasure):

Using a unified network player plug-in, Gameloft company (since this podcast released) brought order to chaos and Facebook. Play is very simple, just download the plugin (if you do not have it), and the title of chaos and order Facebook page. It is completely free until 10, then you need to subscribe. There are a number of payment options, from day 1 Facebook credits (the equivalent of 10 ¢) visited, or 30 credits of Facebook six moths.
Unfortunately, Facebook’s players to play from the mobile players of different servers, so you need to start again. Anyway, this is incredibly cool to see Gameloft company to do, just show the sheer popularity of Unity engine. It’s always neat to see the iOS platform jumping game, it will be interesting to see how chaos and order do on Facebook, because it is basically a clone of Warcraft now, people can in their browsers at work play poorly in the world.

E3 2013: “The Ultimate forever” did not taste like “Ultima Online”

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An hour later Arthas had forgotten all about Taretha Foxton and his indignation on her behalf. His voice was raw from screaming, his hands hurt from clapping, and he was having the time of his life.

EA’s upcoming Ultimate is always a strange beast. The name calling so many beautiful memories, fans of the series can let their imaginations substantially similar network MMORPG iOS possibility of creating a century re-create the modern age. The problem is, if you want to network Genesis-like experience, I think you will be disappointed, because all social interaction, and came to notoriety system in UO is nowhere found amazing things in return for those five minutes shorter dungeon, you You can see in this video:

Genesis forever coming, and I’m really curious to see how it is in the mass market. Admittedly, I have a strange history with the ultimate, which is difficult for me not to disappoint, these experiences make relatively dilute. However, if you only vaguely heard Ultima games, and are looking for a quick dungeon crawler, which may be up your alley.

DEVILIAN live stream shows Dungeons & More

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Her breath caught in her throat. A handful of kaliri were perched outside both windows. They sat there, completely silent, watching her through the cloudy glass.

If you are in the west, you probably do not know a whole lot about Devilian online. The Ginno by the Bluehole developed and was released later in the year in the West Trion World, Devilian online is kind of a hybrid of Diablo-style game and between traditional MMO. Free to play title features an open world, underground city queuing system, like the Rift Valley Rift events.

If you missed Friday’s game live stream and interest from Devilian team, it certainly is worth the watch. Not only team to take you through an example of a dungeon (solo and group dungeons dungeons), but many other basic questions answered as stream expanded. Movement or mouse clicks or WASD to move (the player chooses), pets are not fighting pet, but provide similar robbery and sales from outside or enthusiast project allowance, equidistant from the camera is not locked, but could be reduced to a third more People map, and more.

There are many practical Devilian proposed form, players can become once they Devilian meter is full of information. There will be no cash shop type of project, allowing the player to always stay in Devilian form. All players will have to learn how / when to use this ability is limited, you will actually leveling Whether your character and your Devilian form. The two sides even has its own skills development and gear. In PvP, however, all the players are always in Devilian form.

Auction houses, the daily challenges, and gear statistical issues were answered.

The team also poke a growing need for cash key to open the shop, say they hate the mechanism, it will not have fun Devilian online gaming box. Drop in on the screen is that you take, there is no “Need Before Greed” function, if it drops on the screen, it is yours.

Be sure to check out the latest knowledge and first-class reveal, and when you register on beta Devilian online sites.

City of Heroes PARAGON chat is now available

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If you’ve been waiting for the disappearance of the world media city Titans, allowing you to fill City of Heroes nostalgic, then you obviously have some time to wait. Although progress very quickly, because they can be a volunteer team, missing the world’s media will not be able to release the heroism inherit their city as fast as players want.

If you want to kick in the touch though, you might want to look Paragon giant network chat. In City of Heroes and chat rooms, and smash them together, you’ll get Paragon idea behind chat. With character creator and all regions of City of Heroes, the giant network to bring a certain service in return as a virtual chat room. You do not have super powers, tasks, or fight the enemy, but you can go to the clothing, chat with other fans of the game, he embarked on some epic, full of nostalgic RPG.

Check out a little Ecelectic YouTube channel and his videos get something above a giant model of the network is planning to visit chat join veterans and heroes from the city’s failures in future updates.

Alts and Twinking

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When MMOs were still in their infancy — actually, before they were even called MMOs — I used to have a serious problem making multiple characters and struggling to choose which one to play. People called this being an ‘altaholic’ or having ‘altitis’.

Being an altaholic, I was constantly swapping characters without being able to choose which was my favorite. I would play levels 1-10 or 1-20 multiple a dozen times. Eventually, I would settle on a character I enjoyed enough to take to max level or close to it. Every class was so unique and set apart from the others.

I have memories of spending countless hours trading items I accrued on one character to swap them over for items for another. In other words, I was a decked out warrior and I would swap my gear with other players to be a decked out wizard. Often I would make equal or better trades for the same gear. In fact, I think my worst case of altitis was one weekend in EQ where I ended up swapping Druid gear for Monk gear, then to Warrior gear.

I LOVE twinking. What is twinking? I forget the term is practically lost to this generation. Twinking is when you give really good items to a character that would never have been able to obtain those items naturally. In EverQuest it’s like giving a Smoldering Brand, a Short Sword of the Ykesha, Flowing Black Silk Sash, etc., to a level 1. If twinking were really a thing in WoW, it would be equivalent of giving top tier raiding gear to a level 1.

Just this weekend I spent two whole days twinking my Bard. I farmed plat on my Magician, sat in Commonlands tunnel, and auctioned to buy gear. “WTB Mistmoore Battle Drums and Lambent Armor!” I’d have a few trade macros to advertise my interest. I’m almost to the point where I just need a few more pieces for my Bard and he’ll have the best stuff he can wear outside of raiding. The result? He’s WAY more fun to play.

Let’s analyze this for a second:

I enjoyed so many different characters that I couldn’t decide which to play
My gear was shared across my alts
Time spent on some characters was spent to enhance or advance other characters’ gear
Playing through the content multiple times wasn’t a deterrent
I could trade almost everything
That sounds nothing like the MMOs of today. MMOs today are the antithesis of such features. Often only one class is interesting since they’re all the same, gear is bind on pickup, content is so linear and exact that playing twice is mundane, twinking is unnecessary since everything is ridiculously easy, and economies are almost non-existent.

While not something I can simply point to an say, “Do this and your MMO will be great,” it’s definitely something worth noting. Isolating what we like(d) about the past games and trying to see how those features or systems intermingled with the rest of the game’ design can really shed some light on how we’ve lost a lot of depth and meaningful gameplay in today’s MMO designs.


Having Fun on EverQuest 2’s Progression Server

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Continuing the ride the wave, Daybreak opened up two more progression servers last week, but this time the servers are for EverQuest 2. I chose to play on the PvE version rather than subject myself to PvP, and rolled up a Gnome Necromancer.

I played briefly when the game launched. Graev was much more into it, but even he only lasted a few months. About 6-8 months after launch I went back and played EQ2 for roughly a year. Fast forward a couple years later and I dabbled in Echoes of Faywder but didn’t stick. I came back for Kunark and ended up playing for about 6 months. Ultimately I ended up with a 50 Monk, 55 Shadowknight, and 50 Brigand. Back then, that wasn’t bad.

Logging back in for the first time two days ago, you’d think I never played the game. Everything was either different or my memory is getting horrible. Eventually I figured out the UI, found the dozens of settings windows to tweak the game to be just how I want it, and set out once again into Norrath (albeit a fragmented version).

You’ve probably seen me in-game (guess my name) asking dozens of questions. Last night I was trying to figure out crafting which has radically changed from back in the day, and is still quite different from other crafting systems despite being (I think?) dumbed down from what it was in 2005 when I last crafted. I think the system now just required me to match the symbols when they pop up? Is that right?

Feels good to return to a game that I literally played more than any other MMO released in the past 10 years and feel like a newb again.


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