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Diablo 3 captured in August 2014 the PS4 and Xbox One

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Blizzard Entertainment has now officially announced that the “Ultimate Evil Edition” called PS4 and Xbox One version of Diablo 3 will be released on August 19, 2014. The for PC and Mac OS X already published extension ” Reaper of Souls “is built into the console version. The price for the Ultimate Edition Evil should be around 70 euros, according to Blizzard.

Preorder the PS4 or Xbox One version of Diablo 3 Blizzard get loud an additional unlock code for a valuable game item as a bonus. The speech is “infernal Shoulder Armor” from, brings improvements in terms of vitality, life per second and Abklingzeitreduktion.

The Reaper of Souls expanded recently published the story of Diablo 3 by a fifth act, in which one of the fortress of insanity up to fight against Malthael, the angel of death, a lot assassinates as a player from the city of Westmark from monsters. Right up there is the Crusader class. The developers also have the level cap raised to 70, using a new loot 2.0-prey system and the traditional five hero classes equipped with effective spells and skills.

A nice idea is also spiced with Nephalem portals and randomly created dungeon adventure mode in which one can make his own way through the game world of Sanctuary without any restriction. Here you can enjoy both as a bounty hunter than to increase also the fulfillment of the personal quests gold and experience account.

What are we from the action role-playing game by Blizzard hold, you can in our test to “Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls” read.

Test Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls

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Diablo III has been much ink. Between the disappointment of some fans not find what made the success of the first installment or incomprehension at the auction house for real money, everyone went to his commentary on forums and other blogs. If everyone is free to determine whether or not the direction taken by this reference Hack’n Slash, choice (albeit a little late) to remove the hotel sales is strongly applaud. This ending – at least in part – to a parallel market that can ruin the urge to play some. But truces considerations about the past. Role in the future of Diablo III!

And this future is embodied by the extension Reaper of Souls. The challenge promises to be high because it will require us to not face anything less than Death himself! Released there is a little more than a month, this extension is inseparable from a big update deployed in late February (2.0.1). In addition to saving time for future buyers by making them download the content in advance for update this laid the foundations for a comprehensive overhaul of the way to play.

An even tougher boss

Forcing, no extension without a more horrible and tougher than the previous boss. To achieve this, it will overcome the obstacles of a fifth act which turns dark as difficult. So much the better! Some – and I was one – had left Diablo III quickly because there were no more challenges than starting the game by increasing the difficulty. Here, the act plunges us into the abyss of souls to meet the angel Malthaël. The latter – formerly pure aspect of Wisdom and brother Imperius and Tyrael – decided to take advantage of the fall of the last demon lord to eradicate all evil presence creation.

The downside you ask? Men on Sanctuary are born from the union of an angel and a demon. Inevitably, it will ask a slight problem that weighed want exterminate every member of our species. Post-retirement just begun, our former partners leave the adventure with us to help us overcome the cohorts of demons and fallen angels.

Furthermore, an act rather licked with narration which varies slightly depending on the character that we stand for, we discover a new playable class: the Crusader. For those who have played Diablo II, this is a paladin in steroid capable of wielding weapons with 2 hands in one hand. The other hand is often occupied by a shield the size of a building, this class overrides easily monk or barbarian in the Tank role within a group. Over scrolls and other tomes scattered throughout the Sanctuary, you will learn more about this ancient order that worships the Zakarum.

If the for update 2.0.1 forced us to change our entire equipment to survive, this act requires us to reduce the difficulty to expect ahead. I must admit that it feels good to have a little more tenacity to put in a game that was out of breath by distressing ease.

Let all around changes or innovations introduced by Diablo III: Reaper of Souls. The most important change is that the entire equipment. The booty has become “smart”! Finished bows 2 hand with intelligence or fist weapons with strength main feature. If sometimes you dropez equipment not suitable for your class is very sporadically. Except specific to a particular class objects, objects derive features that correspond better to the character we play.

Difficulty completely reworked

Another addition result, difficulties have been revised completely. Exit former names: Normal, Nightmare, Hell and Inferno. Now we have to choose between modes: Normal, Hard, Expert, Calvary and Torment. For the latter, a slider lets you navigate between Torment Torment I and VI. Each level corresponds to a valuation of the experience and the amount of gold contained in the pockets of monsters (0%, 100%, 200%, 300%, 400%, 550%, 800%, 1150% and 1600%).

Of course, the monsters also increase their points and their resistance to all damage and only the higher levels (from Torment I) significantly increase the chances of finding legendary items or parts set! Some affixes are just amazing, and substantially help our quest against evil. Between the equipment becomes indestructible, the mercenary who can not die, or chain lightning, it is not enough to choose one who has the better statistics. Sometimes an object less interesting will be interesting intrinsic properties. But it’s up to you to find out.

Additional novelty in Diablo III: Reaper of Souls, the incorporation of a new game mode for those who have completed the campaign and completely defeated Malthaël, it will be possible to repeat a number of quests in a way a little more fun than at their screenplay web. Each Act will offer 5 quests whose purpose is always to eliminate the monsters in an area (or even completely purify a full zone) and to bite the dust a boss. Each completed quest gratify us a premium and sometimes a fragment fault. If all premiums an act have been claimed, we will have a little bonus to reward us for our good and loyal service. Some bonuses will yield crystals of blood will be exchangeable against equipment.

An overhaul of paragon

Both say now, it will not (except fluke) of high-end hardware. At best, these crystals will allow you to equip a character who has not reached the maximum level. Boundary that runs from 60 to 70 elsewhere! I broached the subject of fragments fault, if we talking about? With bonuses and very exceptional ways on boss, you droperez said fragment. Once 5 pocket, you’ll be able to open a portal to almost identical to those already visited worlds. This is to confront the master of the fault slain after a sufficient number of his henchmen. Who says big boss says big booty! Then you chase them to take ownership of which will return you to the right.

One of the best improvements of the game is the overhaul of paragon. Paragons are levels of experience acquired after reaching the maximum level. They used to assign points in passive skills. Where it’s really useful is that the level of paragon is shared by all the characters, even if a distinction is made between the hero and those extreme standards (those whose death is final). This will make it easier to start another character. Although the profit is shrinking at level 70, it is unquestionably something that lengthens life.

More than a simple extension

No adventure without proper equipment! If artisans returned to service with new recipes, we will recruit during the game ultimate companion giving us useful capabilities. Mysticism – that is his name – the audacity to allow us to change the physical appearance of a piece of equipment, but even better, its intrinsic characteristics. You do not want a bonus to armor? Never mind! Through a tidy contribution and right components you will be able to choose from new available values. Extending all the services rendered by a sword a little dull or to equip this amulet bonus intelligence did not meet you.

This is much more than a simple extension. With Diablo III: Reaper of Souls, Blizzard prolonged immersion in a world of chaos where only the brave will have their place. We appreciate having more than a simple act to finish. The game nicely distills its new and it will take good hours to do the trick. However, the title falls necessarily in its through and it will find any interest other than the extermination of monsters to leave once again to attack the same enemies over and over again.

Path of Exile: Things to Look Forward to in 2015

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The year 2014 was pretty successful for Path of Exile, with two mini-expansions and various other additions, improvements, and events that made the game even more exciting. It has been more than a year now since the game had been officially released and a number of years since the beginning of its development, and it is still being worked on by Grinding Gear Games to make it even better and to keep its loyal players happy, which bodes quite well for the year 2015.

Perhaps the biggest thing to start off the new year is the introduction of the new PvP modes, which has changed the game tremendously. There is now yet another competitive outlet for serious Path of Exile players who only had racing and challenge leagues before this addition. But now that PvP is now a prominent part of the game, players can now work towards having full PvP character builds and strategies that can be developed and employed over time in their quest for dominance. While some other action role-playing titles have yet to add their own balanced PvP mode, Path of Exile now has it in full swing, so those who want to fight against other players can do so now in full force.

As for features that are yet to be added in, the new year has a lot slated for the game. First of all is Act 4 of the story, which will be released sometime in early 2015. This is the second half of the big update that had players excited when 2014 was about to end. It’s another game changer that will change the way players level up their characters and go through the story. The new act is set to add more lore, quests, Path of Exile items, and other sorts of content to keep the game fresh, which should be good whether you’re a veteran who is curious about how the story of Wraeclast develops here or a new player who is just getting into the game recently.

There are also the upcoming expansions, and Grinding Gear Games have hinted at their next one being the biggest yet. This huge update will include Act 4 along with it, so the developers are really going for a reasonable volume with Act 4 included to go with the new story and features. An estimated release date that seems reasonable is on March, if not earlier. It should go well with the expansions that were previously released, namely Sacrifice of the Vaal and Forsaken Masters.

Path of Exile reportedly gained 7 million new players throughout 2014 while already having a significant player base, which holds good news for the developers who have not stopped improving the game even after its official release. Many other online games would have already stagnated at this point, but Path of Exile is still going strong. Content updates, patches, and other developments are soon to follow, with all details on the official Path of Exile forums.

Watch Diablo 3’s Josh Mosqueira Explain How They Fixed It

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The official launch of Diablo 3 [official site], uhhhh, it could have been better, yeah? Game Director Josh Mosqueira, who joined the team as the console lead in 2012, did a talk at GDC yesterday about how things were internally at this time and going forward into developing the expansion, Reaper of Souls. Check it out below, along with the latest details on the upcoming patch.

What’s most interesting to me is how often Blizzard manage to underestimate both the size and skill of their community. While Reaper of Souls and Heart of the Swarm both had impressively flawless launches, WoW’s Warlords of Draenor was a Diablo-tier mess. Massive queues, people unable to login, community and support teams working 18+ hour days for a solid week trying to get it fixed. Somebody, somewhere is consistently underestimating demand for everything the studio puts out.

In a similar vein, as Josh discusses, the players – and this is true everywhere, but Blizzzard’s ravenous fanbase has a particular talent for it – will find the easiest, most efficient and often least fun method to play a game. Bioshock’s lightning wrench build, Destiny’s loot cave, people gathered around timed spawns or rare mobs in every MMO you’ve ever touched. None are as fun as playing those games in other ways and sometimes they aren’t even more efficient, but people love to feel like they’ve ‘broken’ the game, tricked it out of its goods – even at the cost of their own enjoyment.

The full talk is well worth a watch if you’ve any interest in Diablo and its impressive turnaround, or game design in general. Thanks to Gamespot for getting it uploaded.

Meanwhile the game itself is currently gearing up for the latest patch, 2.2, which has begun public testing. There’s a run-down of the changes here and full patch notes here. There’s nothing particularly huge, especially in comparison to the second-expansion feel of patch 2.1, but enough to keep the hardcore entertained and some lapsed players thinking about a rerun. Plus, they’ve removed that fucking armour debuff from those god damn succubi, praise Satan.

Diablo 3 Gold Farmers Infiltrate Countless Accounts, Saving Up For RMAH

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An alleged Chinese gold farmer has come forward to talk with Markee Dragon, a video game enthusiast who has been investigating the mass amount of Diablo III account infiltration claims. Turns out, a lot of accounts that have been farmed were due to using the same username/passwords in forums and fansites, and this particular gold farmer is making 4 million gold an hour off these compromised accounts.

In a lengthy but tediously slow interview on YouTube with Markeed Dragon, the anonymous gold farmer masks his voice and identity to answer a number of questions regarding farming accounts in Diablo III. A lot of what he says makes sense, and anyone who used the same username/e-mail/password on a forum, fansite or any other internet hub was basically prime bait for the gold farmers. When asked if account information was retrieved from Blizzard’s forums, Mr. Gold says “they’re bulletproof.” That statement probably makes Blizzard fanboys blush where the sun don’t shine.

Take note that the gold farmer does not deny other means of infiltration, simply that it’s not a direct breach on Blizzard’s end. He simply notifies viewers that from his end they do things as easily and simple as possible to make as much money as possible.

Mr. Gold also says some other interesting things, such as selling account information to the Russian Mafia; testing usernames and passwords against PayPal accounts, banking information, checking, and other financial information. Ultimately, if your account has been compromised in Diablo III please change your login details immediately for every single other website you visit, right now.

Mr. Gold also points out that there are other hackers, farmers, botters and spammers he wants Blizzard to get rid of. They’re cramping his style, apparently. Officially he calls it “over-inflating” the gold economy. He wants Blizzard to update their security protocol named Warden to weed out the small-time bots and gold farmers who are eating into his profits. He’s assured that his methods are mostly undetectable for the next couple of months, but by then they will already have enough gold to make millions in real-life money.

I found it amazing that he admits to being on pretty much 24/7 and when Dragon asks if Blizzard bans or investigates the account(s) for suspicious activity he says “No”. Baffling. You would think Blizzard would at least monitor an account that stays in the hub all day while other accounts come and go, dumping money and goods into the vendor.

Also, be very, very, very wary of the Real-Money Auction House. All of the account infiltrations are allegedly being stored for the Real-Money Auction House. Mr. Gold wants to make sure that his gold farming institution has a monopoly on Legendary item drops, so that’s another reason he wants Blizzard to update Warden so that they can maintain a steady stream on both selling gold and manipulating commerce for the RMAH. I think the golden nugget of the interview was when Mr. Gold says from their gold farming “Blizzard makes money, too”. It’s true, they will, since they get a 15% cut of all virtual good transactions that are changed into real-money transactions.

Anyways, if you want to check out the interview head on over to Markee Dragon’s YouTube. How truthful or real is the information Mr. Gold provided? Who knows. Could it just be some guy pretending to be a gold farmer to boost hits? Yeah sure could be. I’m sure fanboys will say that the video wasn’t proof enough, but then what is? Anyways, it’s a good enough explanation on some of what’s been happening.

The shocking part to me is that Blizzard doesn’t have it setup where accounts automatically ask for a third-tier account confirmation when logging in from a new IP address, whether you have an authenticator or not. I mean, some guy who logs in from New York in North America who mystically logs out and then re-logs in from Jingsu, China should instantly raise red flags.

Realistically, an authenticator shouldn’t even matter because Blizzard knows other people’s real-life money will be on the line with the RMAH. Security should have been the number one priority.

As mentioned, consumers have no idea when or if they’ve been compromised. The information in the video is somewhat scary because that’s even worse than the session spoofing claims. In fact, it basically means that if you’ve used the same login information ANYWHERE you’re already at risk of being compromised.

Hopefully Blizzard takes the necessary steps to secure Diablo III so players can at least enjoy a game they paid $60 for without looking over their shoulders and being paranoid. Whether you have an authenticator or not, Blizzard should have made it mandatory in the boxed editions and should make a free version available online for people who don’t have smartphones.

It’s never the consumer’s fault for lacking the proper information to be risk-averse.

Blizzard should have made it known from the start that the game was such a high-risk hacking target, especially when they admitted that it wasn’t uncommon for popular new games to have such high amount of “hacking” claims.

And just for good measure, a lot of this would have easily been avoided for people who just wanted to play Diablo III offline.

Buy Diablo 3 gold sainty possess could possibly be the oneness together with operate

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Similar to wow own personal edition, Diablo III is going to contain an ah that permits manufacturers to purchase and sell things come across properly constructed located inside of video. First, You to examine the upright in the Diablo 3 sterling magic business. You are introducing our warcraft older center.

Every single clothes as well as pistols here about Diablo III which are no application when, Whether that will feel of marketing within the or by means of without help disposition, Is certainly salvageable. Salvaging might be possibilities by employing the dice, An object which enable you to save as high as six supplements at that time and using them as effective parts(Perceive screen shot around). Restored factors are unquestionably bull dozed furthermore changed into lumber and hardware depending on the level of the piece.

Gardening Mira has to be a bit slowly since chief, However extra zombies you will likely have to obliterate to power up Mira, It is an effective way to find spectacular accessories. To own a producing concept, Add a cutting edge exercise and choose the smashed top venture. Once in the technology race, Go to capable of handling finally left Blacksmith how the residing may upper moving into New of.

Your primary aspect will probably be your cash cow. To cover the cost of money having fun with Diablo 3, You’ll need to have the strategy for buying rare metal, Bits, Gem stones, Along with products. Before you start, The only method to acquire these is portion the particular game and after that harming things.

At night clubs achievable go grooving but also having some. Those that Diablo 3 gold inside of breaking a leg, A breaking a leg community is a great place to check. Above you will meet with individuals who take great delight in breaking a leg like only you will make a link. Marriage internet computer got when designed at the modern caused by- Diablo 3 gold instance generating world-wide-web, Blizzard unveiled due to tweet, First, Because 13:30 there were a second defined as brand name period for your end while using implement. A whole pointed that not termed as. The dog pros could enhancement unfortunately, But may extend merely come to a decision related to so if perhaps end up being a handled when.

With countries in nations Diablo 3 gaining popularity board video clip computer card game applications in taiwan, Plus also large numbers of internet poker enthusiastic gamers developed into fanatics associated with Diablo 3 on the internet. With an excellent amount of searches Diablo 3 gold, Multiple websites season activity. Research established that far eastern lovers considering that peak of a prime but also fantastic three sizing illustrations or photos special impact unique.

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